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Senior Pastor

Pastor Rory Brooks


Assistant Pastor

Pastor Sedric Anderson

Associate Ministers

Min Carolyn Cooper

Min Travers Macklin

Church Secretary

Sister Donna Brooks



Deacon Gary Cooper

Deacon Christopher Arrington

Deacon Stephen Edwards

Deacon Larry Shields


Brother Thomas Catchings, Chairperson

Sister LaToya Arrington, Vice Chairperson

Deacon Larry Shields

Sister Ruth Reese

Minister Carolyn Cooper

Brother Tim Cole


Men's Ministry(Total Productive Men)

Brother Thomas Catchings, President

Deacon Christopher Arrington , Treasurer

Women's Ministry(Daughters of the Savior)

Sister Danette Cole, President

Sister Naisha Lewis, Vice President

Youth Ministry

Sister Pamela Anderson

Sunday School Superintendent

Deacon Christopher Arrington

Food Pantry Coordinator

Deacon Stephen Edwards

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